Donning/Doffing of Double Wall Transfemoral EPN Socket System

  1. Residual Limb Inspection
    • Inspect residual limb each day prior donning your prosthesis
      • Use small hand held mirror to view distal end

  2. Apply Skin lubricant
    • Anatomical Designs Inc. recommends A&D Ointment, Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel

  3. Donning Silicone Liner
    • Invert silicone Liner
    • Place against distal end of residual limb
    • Roll silicone liner up your residual limb
      • Burp silicone liner
    • Inspect to ensure liner has no air trapped between it and your residual limb

  4. Place Air Wick
    • Nylon
    • Appropriate ply of sock

  5. Donning Distal Cup
    • Sealing sleeve should be inverted down the outside of distal cup
    • Place distal cup on residual limb over silicone liner and air wick
    • Position distal cup in appropriate position
    • Reflex sealing sleeve up over distal cup, air wick, and silicone liner

  6. Charge Vacuum Chamber
    • Charge chamber to value established by your Prosthetist
      (Have lines to fill in with vac values)

  7. Don Retainer
    • Slide retainer on and secure side pin, lanyard, or distal pin
    • On side pin insure that blue button snaps back into closed position

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