Relying on more than 20 years of prosthetic experience, we design, create and refine the most technologically appropriate prosthetic limbs for each individual. Innovation and technology are at the heart of what we do, resulting in a prosthesis that’s without equal. We have always believed that a prosthesis has to do more than fit: it has to be durable, functional, responsive - and most importantly - comfortable!

We offer one of the most comfortable socket systems available, the Elevated Negative Pressure Socket System (ENP). In addition to adding comfort, the ENP socket system also increases function, with a unique anatomical alignment technique allowing the amputee a superior level of prosthetic control. With one step you’ll immediately feel the benefits of over 15 years of socket interface innovation! Read more about our prosthetic technology.

We have successfully and proudly fit all levels of amputations. Read more about our range of prosthetic services.

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