Anatomical Designs specializes in the design, manufacturing and application of orthoses designed to provide easier movement, reduce pain and correct the shape and/or function of the body. We apply the latest orthotic technology so that our patients can get back to living their lives! Some examples of the services we provide include:

Spinal Orthotics

Management to include control systems for cervical, thoracic, lumbar spine and any communication spiral segment.

Upper Extremity

Help with functional positioning and stabilizing hand, forearm, upper-arm and shoulder.

  • Fracture orthosis
  • Elbow orthosis with range of motion joints
  • Various wrist splints

Lower Extremity

Help assist functioning muscle patterns and resist pathological gait deficiencies.

  • KAFO – designed of thermoplastics and ultra lightweight and rigid carbon composites
  • Knee orthosis – designed to provide superior control of knee joints with anti-mitigation control
  • AFO’s – varying designs and materials (plastic, metal and carbon composite)
  • Charcot Retaining Orthotic Walker (CROW) – designed to aid in healing of chronic foot ulcerations
  • Ankle joint – designed to provide limited range of motion and dorsiflexor assist

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